Adios - Randomnese

I just want to scream.

Maybe add a couple kicks and wild punches too, just to emphasize my frustration.

You can't decide who I should be with. I want you, not your best friend.

Pawning me off to someone you deem more worthy. This is silly, and utterly appalling.

Stop your sobbing. Stand up for yourself.

You are worth something. Or you were before tears sprouted..

This blubbering talk is fading, and now I'm uncertain of why I chased you.

Where is the adult who seduced me with his maturity and self-respect?

Who is this child gushing from every visible orifice and claiming the worst of themselves?

Dry yourself up.

Sayonara, sadness. Ciao, dejection.

Adios, destitute.

Bonjour, progressive.

The End

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