Candle Light - Randomnese

They flicker and dance as I twirl my skirt, lighter in hand. Pecking my finger on my chin, I study the array of colorful candles arranged on the table.

Some are scented like floras and fruits. Others are artfully designed to create shapes in their wax as they burn. A few were fancied for their adorable bows.

A quick spin of the lighter between my fingers, I wonder which to light up next, cautious and curious at the hanging thread. It's beside a little rounded blue candle, just a regular scented tropical. But my mind keeps straying to other smoldering possibilities.

Of course I know what will be dealt in the situation: who will be called, and the demand behind the logic and reason.

Sighing, I bend to light a tall white candle stick, intent on the flame.

Tonight it is candles. Perhaps curtains another day.

The End

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