Forbidden Love - JFreak

    Did I love him? I thought as my madre lectured me over and over again about what college I would go to. My madre's word was the law in our home. Home, if you could call it a home. It was more like a prison and we were the prisoners. She spit out orders and we listened. Our padre was worse, completely irresponsible and acted more like a hermano than a padre.

   He played pranks on us, placing snakes in our beds, throwing buckets of water at us when we came around the corner. What was wrong with our padre? My guess, he was dropped on the head as an infant. I was in a big family, consisting of 6 older hermanos, plus my padre and madre, and about a million cousins. My tias y tios were numerous, as well.

    So, did I truly love Dronen? The answer? Yes. I love him with all my heart and soul, he is my love, mi corazón, and my freedom. When I'm with him nothing is expected of me, nothing. He cherishes me, he loves me, and he said he'll wait for me. Only one flaw to my dear Dronen. My mother does not want us even thinking about each other, she hates him that much.

    "Adelina! Are you listening to me? ¡Chica estúpida! How do you know where your going to go to college if you won't listen to me?" She huffed as she realized I was not paying attention.

   "Don't call me a stupid girl! I'm not stupid and I know exactly where I want to go to colegio!" I scream, completely frustrated she had changed my mood from dreamily happy to furious.

   Before I could stomp off to my room and pray Dronen would save my mother replied in a cold, cold voice. "What did you say to me, ingrato nina? I don't care if you know where you want to go. Yo elijo y tú no."

    I am not ungrateful and I'm certainly not a little girl. I thought, angry that I let her get to me. Warm trails started down my cheeks and went to the tip of my chin, starting to drip. I knew I was crying, because she was right, she made the choices in my life and I didn't. I run to my room, not only angry and sad, but humiliated that she had seen what her words did to my heart.

   Beeeeeep. I looked to my phone as soon as I got to my room. It was Dronen, he wanted to run away with me. I texted him back quickly agreeing. We were going to run away together and go to college. He is the answer to my problem. I will find a way to break away from my madre and follow my heart. I started packing things quickly, hurriedly, as I did not want to get caught by anyone in mi familia.


   If Madre found out about my plans with Dronen she would lock me up. My last thought before I went to sleep. Darkness surrounded me and then, light, swirling colors, and finally Dronen's face. We were in 7th grade, just meeting for the first time.

     I sit in my assigned seat, wondering when class will start, ready to take on anything the teacher throws my way. All of a sudden it's like the room took a breath, inhaling deeply and letting go in a sigh of dreams. I look towards the classroom doorway, curious as to why the atmosphere feels different.

    There, to my astonishment is a handsome boy staring at me with such intensity, my heart skips a beat or two. Light, ice-berg blue eyes stare into my dark, brown eyes. It's as if all of my energy has slipped from me. Leaving me completely off-guard, momentarily stunned.

    The moment is broken when a blue-eyed, blonde girl grabs his arm and pulls him towards their seats. Right next to me. I study him as he and the nina get closer. Dark blonde hair and a semi-muscular build, with a face that would make the coldest heart melt; he turns my stomach into a ball of mush.

     I'm completely absorbed. Then I heard his name, "Dronen Blue," and I'm thrown back into reality as he says here to his name. Dronen looks confused as he sees my face change instantly. When my name is called, Adelina Villa Fuerte, understanding crosses his beautiful features. That's all that changes, though, as he still stares at me with intensity.

    I had tried to ignore him throughout the class after I realized who he was, but a girl can only ignore a handsome boy for so long before she falls for his affections to her. And I fell hard, only a hour after we first laid eyes on one-another before he had broken up with the blonde(I never did learn her name) and asked me out.

    Love at first sight, they called it. I called it, 'Finally finding myself'.

   I awake slowly, finding my phone buzzing beside my head. I looked at the reminder, seeing I had to leave. I was meeting Dronen at the train station to Illinois. Where in Illinois? We don't know, nor do we care, we are just going. I quickly got out of bed, made it, took my wallet with my college money and my own savings in it, and grab my bag. Before I go through the window, leaving, I look back one more time and quietly say goodbye.


   I run to Dronen's arms and am rewarded with the smell of his cologne. I kiss his chin and lips. Completely over-joyed with the fact that we were escaping together. He wraps his arms around me and we stood there for a little over 10 minutes. Then, holding hands, we walk towards the ticket booth. We get our tickets and waited for the train that was about to come.

   "Dronen?" I ask, quietly.

   "Yes?" He answers, in his smooth and deep voice.

   "What if we're caught before the train gets here?" My voice quivered slightly on the word 'caught'.

   He thought silently for a moment, actually thinking about his answer. "Then we'll try again."

   Content, I lay my head on his strong shoulder, feeling strength in every part of my body. I thought about my dream, which was actually a memory, and realized that was four years ago. ChoooooooChoooooo. The train was coming and just as we were boarding and the door closed, my mother run's onto the train platform. I look back at her, with my head resting on Dronen's shoulder and watch her search frantically for me.

    I laughed a little, knowing she would never find us.

The End

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