Falling to the seabed: Ems

I am standing with my toes dangling off the edge of the cliff that hangs directly over the sea. We used to come here together at night to look at the stars and listen to the ocean. Before the end, I ran my fingers through your crimson hair and you told me how much you loved me, as we lay under the stars. On the last night, I promised that I'd wait for you to come home, and you promised me you would.

I never broke my promise, but you did.

At your funeral, I watched all the men in uniform carry your coffin and set you six feet in the ground. I listened to all their speeches about how good a man you were. I said my goodbyes and threw the last bit of dirt on top of your coffin, trapping you underground forever. Your biggest fear was being buried alive. How could I do that to you?!

I feel that it's only fair for me to make myself suffer through my biggest fear, just like I made you do.

I look over below the cliff and watch the waves crash against the rocks. The water is extremely deep, at least one hundred feet. But, just to make sure I won't come back up to the surface, I tie two heavy, metal chains around my ankles.

Taking a deep breath, I walk right off of the cliff, gravity pulling me down, down into the sea. I plunge through the water and sink towards the bottom. I make the foolish attempt to gasp for air, but instead I fill my lungs with saltwater.

Suddenly, I become lightheaded.

I will be with you, now. I think in my head,









The End

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