Bubblegum - Randomnese

She blows a pink bubble as she waits for her savior from the dull crowd.

Her slinky silver dress sparkles under the undying shine of the chandeliers, casting slivers of light to bounce off the faces of her admirers, but her black strappy high heels impatiently tap the tiles, toes facing the exit. 

Snapping her gum between her wisdom teeth angrily, she finally pushes past the latest stubborn suck-up, and heads for the closest door. 

With anger clouding her train of thought, she almost neglects to hear the scrambled whining of a waiter chasing after her.

"Madam, you most certainly cannot be leaving! This is your party for the Nobel-"

She interrupts him by swiveling around to face him with a growl tweaking her lips to display her incisors and gums. Spitting her bubblegum into her palm, she slams it into the empty platter he has been holding up faithfully.

He staggers to catch his platter before it tumbles, flabbergasted as she turns back around and spouts, "Don't need it."

The End

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