Retribution: Randomnese

The  sky is a sea brimming with stars, and he is the one fading sparkle in the depths, drowning in his own ambitions. The fire of his bitter regrets creep higher and higher, burning his flesh and blackening the edges of what little twisted soul he has been trying to salvage.

It's too beautiful a sight for something so tragic. Gazes are drawn away in frequent intervals to document the destruction's progress. The focus is on the tip of the blind side, just enough to watch the spectacular show.

There is no applause, much less a sound to forgive. The crackling of embers is enough to convey any last words. The flames welcome back their devil, releasing fireworks to the lowering sun as a reward.

The horizon blinks it's last wink of sunshine for the day and everything disperses. Coals glow in solemn satisfaction, and the ashes flutter in the dead air, floating upwards to greet the stars. They had spent the night searching for a star that has burned itself out.

The End

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