Sewing Moonbeams - wolfiebrewer

The needle of star silver pierced the deep fabric of navy. Back and forth in the darkest night of the year, young Alexander sat on a stool by the window. His long and terribly messy waves of ember were hidden in a white bandana. Deep with the pain of pricking his finger, his eyes flashed like candle light.

The moonbeams from the window weaved into his sewing like a snake in the trees. Then again, he's never seen a snake up close. The child smoothed his dress and walked to the window. A single tear fell onto the cloth of stars and moonbeams. The child's hands trembled as he let his flag wave gently in the unforgiving breeze. How it hurt him so to stay in such a dark and cool place. Someone find me, please. He let the little cloth go into the breeze. It fluttered and fell like a feather of the night.

Not far from the trees of mist and shade, a small boy of daylight sat in the branches of his favorite tree. His cerulean orbs of wonder searched for something new. His tried to move the blonde hair out of his pale face, looking for something. A small glint flew by and landed into his lap. It was a small cloth of navy skies, stars and moonbeams. He looked up and felt a call.

The End

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