Catching Teardrops - Randomnese

"A teardrop from the heartless," he whispers with a satisfied smile as he corks the tiny bottle and pockets the glass container into the confines of his leather jacket, over his chest.

He starts a leisurely pace out of the shadows of the alley, not a glance or hint of concern at the slumped body perched against the grimy alley wall. 

She doesn't move, allowing her tears to collect into a pool in the hollow of her lap. Her hair is now a mess of tangles from where her hand had dug itself a nest to keep from grasping at the truth. Her chest swells as his footsteps echo, almost soundlessly, leaving her behind, as if he hadn't exposed her secrets and flaws, and she curses.

Not a hex touches him, and he grins, having found another addition to his collection.

The End

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