Tip-Top Tiger Hide- Jezebel

The tribesmen whispered amongst themselves, lips to ear, ear to lips, as they watched the boy saunter across the cool, moist earth. Skin pushed on skin, hands forcing, they all urged forwards to witness the miracle of what had happened.

The boy, cloaked in a sleek, striped fur of coal-black and autumn-leaves orange, dragged an ominous sack behind him, which had unmistakable crimson tinges of blood soaking in to it. The mouth of the sack was left untied.

At last, upon reaching a cave, the boy released the neck of the sack, and it slumped to the ground, revealing the gory remains of what resembled a large cat. Then he shrugged the cloak off, which fell like water to the earth.
Then he walked, tip-top tiger hide and all, in to the dark cave.

The End

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