Fortified- open

"C'mon Jake, we're gonna lose!"

Jake flashed his friend a fake smile, and continued piling up the snow on their snow fort, against his sisters.
Damien, his friend, came bounding up to him with pails of snow in his hands. He had a massive grin on his face, but it dissolved when he focused on Jake.

"Hey, Jakie, you okay?" asked Damien, his brow knitted, his deep-brown eyes full of friendly worry, patting snow in place.

"'Course I'm okay," Jake replied, playfully pushing his friend. His sleeve hitched up, revealing a sliver of skin, and glove. Jake just caught the sight of a still red scar on the small slice of skin there.

Not noticing his wrist, Damien gave him a long, intense stare, while Jake's sisters were squealing for them to hurry up. "If you say so," Damien said at last, oblivious to all outside his optimistic bubble. "Anyway, now we're fully fortified, let's begin!"

The End

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