Aurora: Broken

I fled.

I fled from him, but his words, his face remained.

And it hurt. So badly.


Why me? Why him? Why did I choose him?

He didn't love me.

No matter what I said, no matter what I did, he never would.

It was something I had to accept.

But I couldn't right now.

It hurt so bad.


"...come on, wake up," I licked my lips; they were dry. My eyes felt glued together with tears, my face feeling sticky with the trails of them. "That's a good girl."

The wasn't familiar. It was a man's voice. "Theseus?" I murmured, slowly blinking open my eyelids.

"Um, no,"

It was dark, I was lying on cold, hard ground--pavement, a sidewalk. A shadow was above me, and all I could discern was the faded outline of facial features....and a smell. Whoever he was...he smelled fantastic...some sweet, yet masculine aroma like costly cologne and very fine wine.

"Where am I....? Wh-who are you?" I muttered, so confused. My head hurt, it felt like it was far-away in the clouds....all I remembered were those wretched words...and running...running till I couldn't run anymore...quietly I began to cry, recalling all of what happened for the hundredth time.

"Shhh, don't cry, baby," he cooed. There was something sad about his voice, something understanding. As if I was a feather, he sweeped me into his arms. I hid my head in his shoulder, feeling safe. There was something secure about his grasp, when usually I would have been frightened and attempted to flee. But his aura....seemed good. 

"Who are you?" I whispered once more as he carried me, his steps almost melodious on the sidewalk.

"Balthazar," he replied softly, his warm breath coming across my face. With that, I drifted back to sleep.



The End

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