Theseus: Caught

I flew out of the stone of the necklace smacking into the wall with a deafening crunch. I had some senses awake but I was breathing heavy and almost broken. I was also shivering internally and externally. My being was totally shaken... I was shaken. "Sarah....." I croaked. I could tell I looked a mess cuts covering my entire body.

"Theseus! What happened?!"

"So..... so cold" I stutter. The shivers in my body weren't calming down. Every inch of my body was cold and shivering.

Sarah stood still, paralysed. "You put yourself in the stone?" She asked. "You put yourself in the stone?!"

"Technically, my father with the combination of my mother and you put me in that stone" I whisper still shaking wrapping my arms round my almost frozen form. I swear I could still feel the ice that had slowly covered my body earlier.

"You gave it to me, knowing this would happen?!" she shook with anger. "Theseus, how could you?! How could you do that to me? It was like blackmail! Only a thousand million times worse because it was emotional blackmail. How dare you do that! I was considering pocketing it until I'd made a decision. And that was.... could have been so dangerous. But I don't care about you - you made me feel like a monster! Like life wasn't worth living anymore. I was so miserable. How could you do that to me?!"

"I knew the consequences of offering you the necklace and getting turned down" I stuttered. "My father hated my mother when he discovered that she had used him... so he punished me, knowing it was the only way to get to her. He took this stone with powers beyond reason and bonded my life to it. The rules of it was I could offer it to only one person and only once.... If I was turned down then I had no right to exist. My own father scentenced me to hell cause of my mother" I chuckle and regretted it feeling it stretch the cuts on my body and making them bleed again. I curl in on my stomach still shivering my blood soaking the carpet.

"So you think you could use self-sacrifice and nearly dying to make me love you?!"

"No..... I didn't think you'd turn me down" I look up knowing she see's the broken look in my eyes. "I thought when you were asking me to not break your heart that you wouldn't turn me down. When you did I knew I had seconds.... so I wrote that letter knowing you could all well throw it up into the air where it would of shattered.... and killed me but I didn't care. I was ready for something you weren't. I was dedicated in a way you weren't"

"Don't try and make me feel bad! I've suffered so much. Did you hear what I shouted when I put this stupid thing on?!"

"No, I couldn't hear anything.... feel nothing. I was in something you would call an eternal abyss of torture" I whisper trying to get to my feet the process the rags of my shirt fall of and I know she see's the broken and bleeding form of my wings.  "I'm not trying to make you feel bad, Sarah. I love you"

She sobbed as she repeated her words. "When you return, I want you to make me forget Jamie. Also, if we're doing that, I want you to take away my stupid desire to remain pure. Plus I want to stop being a seraph. It's too much pressure. So come back, grant my desires and then we can be together. You can take me and I'll forever belong to you." Looking at me she said "And I ended with the words I love you."

Tears spring in my eyes and I try to move to her but there's a small crack like grating of bone on bone. My legs buckling and I hold back the howl of pain as tears spill from my eyes. "Curse you father" I hiss. I look up at Sarah. "I can't do that to you Sarah.... I promised you I'd let you be who you were that I wouldn't change you"

"Change me or I leave," she whispered. "I love you - I fail to see how after this but I do - and this is the only way it's going to happen. You made me make a big decision, Theseus, and I rose to the challenge. Now it's your turn to do the same. So what are you going to do? Change me or lose me?"

I knew I was going to regret my next words but I couldn't do something I promised to her to not do. "I'd rather lose you than change you...." I whisper looking away from her not wanting to see her reaction.

"Fine," she said coldly. "I tired to make a solution to all our problems and you've thrown it back in my face. Jamie would have done this for me." She turned, her heart tearing. "Bye, Theseus."

As she turned, regretting me totally, the necklace shatters. I feel my eyes go blank and I collapse to the floor with a massive thump feeling the heat leaving my body, the life leaving my body.... my soul.... leaving my body.

She turned, shocked. I could see it but all it was... was just a blur. "Theseus?" She ran up to me and crouched down. "THESEUS?!" Desperately, she tried to give me CPR. She sobbed as she shook me, saying "Wake up! Wake up!" She cried harder than she had for anyone else. "I love you, I'm sorry - I love you! Just cos I left you, it doesn't mean I stopped feeling for you! Oh Theseus I love you more than anything in the world. Please. Please come back!"

She bent down and tried to give me a kiss of life but it was nothing.... cause I couldn't feel it. I didn't even know if I wanted to, all I knew was that my being was lying shattered a distance from me. It was more broken that my body.

"Oh Theseus please. Please! There's no one else for me but you, no one else I would rather share my life with, would rather spend eternity with. Please don't die. Please!" She kissed the necklace, hoping that would make things better. "I love you," She whispered. She collapsed onto the floor beside me. "I love you."

I felt like those words meant something... meant a lot. The necklace began to glow... a sign of life. A stuttered breath came to my lips. "Sarah..." I choked but I wasn't able to say cause I fell unconscious.... needing to heal.

The End

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