Sarah: A tough choice

"I wouldn't lie."

It was so difficult to have to do this to him. But I could see what was happening - I could see all too well. It was heart-wrenching to see my best friend, the person so much a part of my life, display obsession.

"Jamie, I can't," I told him firmly. "I can't be with you. And you're really worrying me - Jamie, I think you need counselling."

Jamie looked shocked. "What?!"

"It's not safe for you to feel this way. And I love you, I do, but I can't encourage this desperate need of me."

"I won't need you if I have you."

"But there's the thing - you will. And you know you will. Oh Jamie, I am so sorry you've become like this but we're going to have to stay apart now. To protect your sanity - to protect everything your parents would have wanted you to have."

"The only thing I want is you!"

"Jamie, please! Listen to me! I care about you - I don't want you to get hurt or go crazy or anything."

"You could do so much more for me than that! You know it!"

"I do know," I said, the tears streaming down my face. "But I can't allow you to turn into this, Jamie. It would break my heart to see you lose it."

Jamie sagged to his knees before me. "Please, Sarah. I need you."

"I know," I whispered. "And Theseus needs me too."

Almost choking as I stifled the sobs, I turned away from him and walked off to find Theseus.

The selfish part of me hoped Jamie would still love me.

The End

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