Jamie: Confrontation

I watched Theseus as he walked away, then looked at Sarah.

She returned my gaze steadily. "Hi," she said calmly.

"Hi," I murmured, hating the distance in her voice. I had witnessed that last exchange between the two and been surprised by how sincere Theseus had sounded. Could it be that I had ... misjudged the guy?

"I love him, Jamie," she murmured.

"I don't like him."

"It's not his fault - he's a higher being than me."

I stepped forwards and fiercely said "No one is a higher being than you."

Sarah stood her ground, just like the old Sarah would - the Sarah I was proud of, the Sarah I was in love with.

"The hierarchy has a real effect," she replied.

"I don't care about any hierarchies - you are an angel."

"I'm not, though, Jamie. That's the problem."

"Anyone who makes you feel like less should be locked away and the key thrown away for hurting my best friend."

"But he just made me feel like more - he's making up for it. He doesn't like it, either."

"I don't care - he's still not right for you."

"He wants to give me his soul!"

"You already have mine," I said.

Sarah looked shocked. "I'm sorry?"

"You had my trust when I was a child, you became a big part of my life almost to the point where I felt like we were part of each other and you have my heart now I'm in love. Theseus can't give you the same because Theseus hasn't had our history. Like it or not, Sarah, we have a deeper connection than anyone else in the world.

"Jamie, ... I can't own your soul," Sarah said, clearly appalled.

"Can't you? You know me better than myself, understand my every single thought and feeling, can almost predict what I'm about to say or do next. Plus, there's the fact I love you - it was inevitable that I'd give something of myself to you. You can't deny it, Sarah. You possess me. And you know what? I'm in no big rush to break your hold on me. I like being possessed by you, Sarah. You make me feel safe, loved. I would be so insecure if I didn't have you. I can see myself self-harming if you stop being a part of my life."

Sarah swallowed hard. "Jamie, I ..." But she couldn't finish.

"Oh, if you want further evidence that I belong to you, here's something. I would never, ever hide something from you. I am completely open to you. I wouldn't lie."

And those last three words would have a particular effect on her, I knew. They would emphasise everything I had just said because there was no doubt that my words were the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The End

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