Theseus: Ripping

My heart was slowly taring into two pieces. What I spoke next would dramatically effect the entire outcome of what happened in mine and Sarah's realtionship. Jamie cared for Sarah..... Aurora cared for me..... the best solution was to go our seperate ways but something within in me said that wouldn't be right.

Whether or not I was attracted to Aurora didn't matter cause I felt as if my soul belonged to Sarah. Even if she weren't to claim it I would spend every second watching her. I find my eyes gazing at the floor and I knew Sarah was watching me.

"You must do what you feel is right Sarah..... I want you to remain being you. The strong, passionate, detirmined girl that I watched until I had the courage to approach her. The girl that I fell in love with a billion times and get a warm buzz about when only thinking about her. You may not choose me but I will watch and protect you for the rest of your life.... rubbish thing about being immortal, huh?" I laughed trying to lighten the mood but it ends quickly. "I love you, Sarah, and nothing or no one will change that. I'd give my soul to you if it were possible. Who are you gonna choose?"

She seems to choke on her words putting a hand to her mouth taking deep breaths before being able to speak. "I-I l-love you t-too, Theseus" She gets out. I take  a slow step forward and tilt her chin up. It is her who actually presses her lips to mine to create the kiss. I pull away so I can step back and kneel. Sarah watches me with awe, shock and confusion.

"I swear to you, Sarah, that I will protect and honnor you as long as my heart beats. That I will not stand above you because you are the breath that keeps me breathing, the sound of my heart as it keeps me alive, the touch of an angel that makes me feel so blessed" I look up seeing her eyes filled with wonder and awe. "I give you all that I am even if that is not much. This is an oath I make on the part of angel I am. Will you accept it, Sarah?"

Slowly Sarah kneels down with me and rests her forehead against mine. "What you offer is beautiful and I do accept it" she whispers before kissing my cheek. I rise to my feet pulling her up with me.

"I believe Jamie needs to speak with you also and even though this causes me to feel sad. I know you must speak with him and I will trust you knowing you have given me a part of you... I will not force you to come to my home. I will feel blessed if you do but I will understand. You must respect your father and talk with Jamie" I lift up her hand and kiss the back of it. "I must admit that all of this is most fairytale like but I mean every word I speak. I speak as the gentleman many believe me to be. I will see you later, Sarah"

I turn on my heels and walk off knowing that Jamie approached her the second I walked away. He didn't hear what was spoken I know that much but he did see Sarah kiss me.

The End

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