Theseus: Without her

Okay, I could almost feel the hate radiating off Jamie and I could feel the threat. Was I doing the right thing? Sarah was so precious to my heart and if I lost her.... gosh, I can't even think of that. Right now it felt like I was drowning.

The guilt of what had happened between me and Aurora was heavy on my soul. Then the looming threat that seemed to be coming from Jamie was worse. I knew from the feel of it that it was entirely about Sarah and it was beginning to feel like he could take her away from me in a heartbeat. I realised I had become completely silent clutching my chest in pain. Sarah was looking at me slightly worried.

"I have to get some fresh air" I mumble rising from the dinner table and walking off as quick as I can. Of course Sarah follows me.

"Theseus, whats wrong?"

"I don't think this is working for you Sarah. Your changing. Its like you've begun depending on me. Its making me depise myself, its causing you to hate me and I know Jamie isn't my biggest fan but he hates me more." I say pushing a hand back through my hair. "And I feel so guilty for allowing you to think that you've done something wrong.... Sarah.... I-I kissed Aurora the day you kissed Jamie and Balthazar"

The End

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