What was Theseus doing to Sarah?!

She walked into class with this look in her eyes of devastating vulnerability and tragedy. What was he doing to her?!

There was so much pain! So much! She looked like she needed to be held every night before she went to bed, like she depended on his love for strength and support. This was not right! Sarah was strong! Capable!

He was hurting her, changing her into something she wasn't meant to be.

I couldn't stand to watch his effect on her.

Vaguely, I knew I had the power to end this. If I tried, if I really tried, I could change Sarah's heart, make her mine and show her how to love without hurting herself.

I hated Theseus. Not only had he taken my Sarah away from me, he had broken her spirit.

She stared at him now like he held her life in his hands.

No! His life was meant to be in hers! He didn't know how lucky he was to have her.

He needed to be so much more careful with her. He could break her heart with a word. I wanted to punch him and tell him to treat her right but I knew I couldn't.

Sarah wouldn't approve of that.

If I weren't worried about Sarah's feelings and how she'd react if I tried to take her away from Theseus, I would do it.

I could see it now. Me walking up to Sarah and telling her the extent of my feelings for her, my dependency on her care. All it would take was the truth.

"I'm dying without you, Sarah," I could confess to her; "I fear this suffering will drive me insane." 

Theseus would be pushed out of her mind like a cannon ball out of a cannon.

I could so easily do it.

Oh, Sarah; I love you.

The End

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