I couldn't believe it when Theseus took the blame for me. It made me feel even worse for betraying him and kissing Balthazar.


Would I come to his house tonight? But ... it was dangerous. If we got caught...

Theseus was staring at me in a way I couldn't bear.

"Stop it with the looking lost without me thing!" I said helplessly.

"But I so badly want you to come."

"And I so badly want to come too. But I can't Theseus. I can't."

"Please, Sarah. Please."

He was breaking down my willpower with those gorgeous eyes.

"Oh okay then! But if we get caught, it's all your fault." Savagely, I added "And maybe I will take my dad's advice."

Theseus looked shocked. "Sarah! But ..."

"You don't know how hard things are right now with you encouraging me to rebel against my dad. And my life was difficult the second Jamie declared his love for me. I'm surprised I'm not having sleepless nights because of you."

"Sarah," Theseus said, in a hushed voice, "you don't mean that..."

"No, you're right - I don't. But I just wish things were easier."

I hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry. Life's pretty stressful at the moment."

"Tonight, we'll do something so you can forget it," he promised.

"I love you," I murmured, though it killed me to think of all the complications.

"I love you too," he replied.


In class, I was surrounded by heavy thoughts of how much I loved both Jamie and Theseus and how it might all end if I wasn't careful.

I was shocked when the teacher asked me to show around that Sirias girl. I mean, why choose me? I had too much on my mind at the moment: I was in no state to show a girl around school.

As she came down and sat next to me, looking uncertain, I tried to smile.

"Don't worry," Jamie whispered in my ear from nearby. "I'll help you."

"My name's Sarah," I said to the new girl, rather stupidly since the teacher had already announced this.

Sirias nodded shyly.

"Have you moved house recently?" I asked.

"Yeah," she murmured.

We started copying down the notes the teacher was writing on the board on differentiation.

"Ugh, I hate Maths," I heard Sirias say.

This surprised me. "Why'd you take it, then?"

"I need it for what I want to do at uni."

"Ah. Well, if you're ever stuck, ask me and I'll try to explain as best I can."

"Thanks," she said, smiling.

"No problem."

But this whole day was going to be a problem. Thank goodness Jamie was going to be there.  

The End

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