Theseus: Sorry

Okay, leaving Sarah caused her to frown at me..... although I couldn't have Aurora glaring aand waving at me from the classroom window so I made the excuse of going to the toilet. I walked out of the building and round to the side where Aurora stood looking breathless and almost heart-breakingly upset. "Was last night nothing then?" She whispered softly. I kept my face expressionless and looked at the ground sadly. "It must mean nothing if your back at her side again..."

"It didn't mean nothing Aurora.... I am attracted to you, I can see that now. I'm just not in love with you. I'm in love with Sarah and there's nothing I can do to change that" I say calmly although I feel like an utter jerk doing this. My mouth tastes almost sickly as I speak and the situation is stomach-churning.

Aurora sniffles and I allow myself to look to see the tears building up in her eyes. "So your just going back to her? Knowing she could betray you again... I wouldn't do that Theseus" She whispers. A tear spills and I find myself instantly in front of her wiping that single tear from her cheek. She seems to blush at my touch, although I can tell by the shiver that runs through her she seems to find my touch enjoyable. I pull back instantly. I can't allow her to believe theres a chance... cause theres not.

"Aurora..." Her name feels almost heavy on my tongue. "...I'm sorry but I love Sarah. I will always love Sarah as long as she lives" I whisper. Aurora gasps stepping back putting a hand to her mouth as the tears begin to spill faster and faster. "Aurora...." This time as I speak her name its in pain. I try to step forward to pull her into a hug but she steps back shaking her head.

Slowly her body tensed and she clenched her fists at her side. She stared at the ground hard tears still spilling. "I will wait. I don't care how long it will take you to realise.... but I will wait" Then she turned on her heels and ran taking off it a mass of feathers in the rush to spread her wings.

I watched her with pain.... guilt..... It was like a part of my heart had gone with her. Like she'd taken it from me and still, whether I liked it or not, my heart belong to Sarah. As long as Sarah wanted it it belong to here. I turned on my heels and went back into the school finding Sarah waiting for me in the corridor. She saw me and walked over pulling me into a hug.

It seemed like our love for each other and showing affection had become silent messages and simple gestures. Although, each one meant a lot more knowing she didn't have to speak to put through her feelings. "Will you come to my house tonight?" I whisper. "Please"

The End

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