Theseus: Taking the blame

I came to action instantly. I couldn't allow Sarah to feel bad. I couldn't her to get in trouble for what I had done. "That would be my fault" I say wrapping my arm round Sarah's waist and pulling her to my side. "Don't worry, miss, I will report to detention this afternoon if you'll excuse Sarah"

The teacher seem shocked by my bluntless and was about to stutter when she regained her senses. "Well I will make the official report down" The teacher said and marched off.

"Theseus...." Sarah whispered looking up to me. "...You didn't have to do that" She let her head drop so she was looking at the floor but I pulled her body to mine and tilted her face up by a firm grip of her chin. I stroke her cheek softly and gently. She seemed slightly in awe of what I was doing.

"Do you want to know why I fell in love with you, Sarah?" She gasps at my bold decliration, even though she must of had an idea, and slowly nodded. "It was cause you were you. You weren't perfect, yet you seemed almost innocent in what you did" I opened my mouth to speak more but chose against it and slowly leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips. I let my grip on her chin travel across her face, down her neck, over her sholder and arm, leaving a searing pattern of heat, to slowly let my fingers intwine with hers. While my other hand was pressed on her back bringing her closer to me. I felt guitly as I did this.... I mean I hadn't even told her that I had kissed Aurora..... but I couldn't. The way I held her now proved how delicate she was.

She needed to be held gently and preciously. I felt her other hand grip my t-shirt and I felt a small passion begin to rise inside me.... but we couldn't do this here. Also, her father has forbidden her to see me for a week and we'd hardly gone a few days. Then there was the other matter I had to sort out.... the feeling of the kiss I had shared with Aurora proved she felt much more for me than I felt for her. When I had kissed her it had been more of a comfort of emotion, a pure kindness and exceptance that I could allow myself to feel and know no-one from Bliss would see it wrong... but it wasn't love.

What I felt for Sarah was love. A churn of the stomach at the thought of being slightly away from her. A flutter of the heart when we shared only the gentlist of touches. Then the passion of heat when I was allowed to hold her like this even know it wasn't allowed, which seemed to make it all the more sweet.

Oh Sarah.... I need to tell you yet I can't. Slowly I pulled away only out of guilt. I couldn't continue knowing I had to sort out a betrayel, which we both now were guilty for. "Lets get to class, yeah?" I whisper reaching up to stroke her blushed cheek with my thumb.

The End

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