Sarah: In the morning

When I saw Theseus at school the following day, I immediately took him round to the corner of the building. Feeling extremely nervous, I said "I have something to tell you."

Theseus looked confused. Then worried.

"Yesterday, I went off with a guy called Balthazar. I" - I took a deep breath - "... kissed him."

Theseus looked kind of guilty for some strange reason. He wasn't able to respond.

I decided to answer the unspoken questions that must be going through his mind. "I've known him for less time than you," I admitted. "And he's a Fallen angel. But I decided I don't love him. I still love you."

Anxious, I asked "You can forgive me, right?"

When he didn't reply, I repeated  "Right?"

He was still unresponsive. Guilt bubbled up within me. I guessed it was all too much for him to take. First Jamie, now this.

I hung my head. "I'm sorry. I really don't deserve you. But ... I was distraught. And ... he was so captivating. I'm sorry."

I sighed. "Why am I even trying? I know you're not going to forgive me - you're too good for me, Theseus. You're way out of my league."

Theseus didn't say anything. Pain throbbed in the centre of my heart.

"So is this it?" I asked, disconsolately. "Are we over?"

Theseus probably wouldn't have responded but he was rendered totally unable to as we suddenly heard the stern voice of one of the teachers.

"Theseus Wright? Sarah Windfall? You need to explain your unauthorised absences yesterday."

Oh dear.

The End

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