Theseus: Confused Actions

I was frozen. I felt dull almost as if all logic and thoughts had been pulled from my body. I reacted on instinct and I was shocked to find out that my emotions led me to something I hadn't even thought about.

I pulled Aurora into my arms crushing my lips to hers eyes closed. My arms wrapped around her body keeping her arms unable to move pressed up to her side. At first she was tense, I believe with shock, but slowly she relaxed. Her whole body seemed almost in tune to mine. I let my lips move against hers softly.

Her lips were soft and delicate and brought forth a feeling in me that I didn't quite understand. I mean, why the hell am I kissing Aurora? I'm in love with Sarah..... aren't I? I've never even seen Aurora as more than a friend of my sisters and she was right on occassions when I was younger I just though of her as the annoying little girl who followed me around. I mean every time I looked back when attending angel school she was there..... watching me. It was freaky yet at the same time I couldn't help but smile at her.

I pulled back and Aurora blinked at my looking still at my lips. I released her body from my grip and her hand slowly lifted up to her face so she could touch her lips with the ends of her fingers. Slowly she looked more at me then at just my lips. "Did you just...." she whispers seeming unable to register the fact I had just kissed her.

"I believe I did" I whisper back. I mean I was shocked by my actions as well. They hadn't been logical just purely..... what I wanted to do? Oh god, was I attracted to Aurora... No, I couldn't be. I looked away ashamed. "I shouldn't have though I mean Sar-" A finger was pressed to my lips and I turned to face Aurora again. With hesitation she removed her finger from my lip and leaned in to slowly press her lips back to mine.

The way she did it was the way I should have. She did it gently, softly, slight hesitation but no worry..... she wanted to kiss me. She knew how she felt.... yet I didn't but slowly I kissed her back anyway.

The End

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