Aurora: Confusion

I woke in the darkness. For a moment, I was unsure of where I was.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the obscurity, but I soon figured I was lying on a sofa....the very sofa in which Sarah had been when I first  met her what seemed so long ago. But it wasn't. It was only...a few days ago?

My heart jumped into my throat; I lurched to a sitting position. I was in Theseus' house. He must have....brought me here after I passed out.

Reaching, I fingered toward the nearest darkened shadow of the lamp, feeling for a moment before it on properly. Its dim light pierced the black and surrounded me in a golden orb, also tossing its faded rays over the room.

Theseus lay sleeping quietly in a nearby chair, unflinching even to the artificial light. For a while, I only stared at him, breathless and awestriken by his certain....peaceful beauty which gave him the appearance that he was not real; simply a perfect statue if the rise and fall of his chest did not prove he was living.

Suddenly he flickered his eyes open, forcing me to avert my own anxiously, hoping he did not realize how long I had stared and gaped at him. He rubbed his sleepy face, "Oh," he grumbled. "You are awake. Good."

"Yes," I instantly replied, unsure of what else to answer. I stood abruptly, looking toward the door. "Thank you....for all your help and kindness. I think...I should go now."

Theseus frowned, "It's late...and pretty dark out there. I don't mind if you stay here."

Heat rose to my face, just as it did early, blood frantically pumping in my veins. I felt incredibly nervous...and stupid. Wordlessly, I set myself stiffly on the couch once more, wanting to look at him but too scared to.

"Are you alright?" he continued. "What is wrong?"

I cracked. For some idiotic reason, I broke at the seams of what I considered my sanity. The floodgates of my tears had been opened, just at the sound of his voice, the certain time and place.

I hid my face in my hands, my body shaking with silent sobs as free-flowing tears dampened my cheeks. "Aurora...what is the matter?" His voice was confused and strange, in a way. He came to my side and put his hand on my back, but it only made it worse. I tried to stop crying but it only furthered the terrible situation that I was in.

"Nothing," I choked on my cries--my horrible pathetic cries. I attempting to turn further away, shaking my head vigorously in my hands. "Noth-nothing at all."

"Obviously it is something," he said, in one of the most comforting, warm tones. But somehting about his words made me furious.   

"Something! Are you blind Theseus!" I unmasked my face and looked into his. "You love Sarah...and...and...I love you! All you see in me is an annoying little girl who follows you around, I know it! And I love you!"

By now I had stopped crying, only panting. My anger melted as I watched all expression drain from his face--I believe all color did as well. It appeared as if I had slapped him, only utter confusion crossing his face as if he did not hear me right. My anger at him was replaced with a certain anger at myself; a deep and gloomy regret.

Oh, what had I just said? What have I done?

The End

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