Theseus: Lost

Aurora looked up into my eyes and blacked out. She collapsed and I caught her in my arms feeling a firey heat where her skin touched mine. Not painful but slightly calming. I lifted her up into my arms bridal style and her weight felt sort of... right. I flew down to my apartment being careful not to attract attention.

As I came into the apartment I don't know why I didn't lay Aurora down on the sofa straight away. I sort of lingered wanting to keep her weight in my arms. Why the hell was this? She was only a friend of my sisters.... or was she just that. When she looked up into my eyes it felt like she was about to reveal something to me. Something so important it would answer all this confusion I felt of wanting to keep her in my arms, allowing myself to feel her soft warm heat of her body. I shook my head and laid her down on the sofa perching on the edge for a sec.

I lifted her head up to place a pillow beneath it and once her head was down I pushed the hair back from her face. Then I realised what I was doing and yanked my hand back. I moved over to the armchair and slumped down taking a deep breath. I pulled out my phone and dialled Sarah's number which I had gotten at some point. I wasn't expecting her to answer I mean it was late.

"Hello?" I froze. The voice was male and I knew exactly who it belonged to.

"Where's Sarah?" I almost snapped.

"Asleep. Why? Its not like you cared. You abandoned her the moment after I kissed her.... Yeah, she told me"

"Thats none of your buisness and I needed to think" I snap. Then I yank the phone from my ear and hang up. I slowly try and calm down my breathing and end up falling asleep.

The End

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