Sarah: At Balthazar's House

I had my reservations about going to a stranger's house but I was distraught. I needed to talk to someone who wasn't Jamie. And plus, I had a pretty good idea that Balthazar would be able to cheer me up.

He came to my school and picked me up. He began to drive. I tried to tell him, through the use  of incoherent sentences what had happened. I obviously wasn't making one sense so at one point, we arrived at the line "Now you tell me exactly what's happened."

How considerate. He really was a knight in shining armour (even if he made me forget my boyfriend sometimes...)

"I was going out with Theseus. But on the day we first kissed, I found out Jamie - my best friend - was in love with me. I stuck with Theseus because I didn't want to be unfair. But deep down, I knew I loved Jamie. And today... Today Jamie came up to me and kissed me. And I kissed him back. And Theseus flew off." I began to cry. "I don't think he loves me anymore."

"Oh, it's okay, Sarah," Balthazar said soothingly. "That guy doesn't know what he's missing out on. And he obviously didn't try hard enough to keep you."

I looked at Balthazar, my expression dubious. "Really?"

"Yes. Today was totally preventable. If you have a boyfriend but you can still think about other guys, that boyfriend is useless. Rubbish. You might as well be going out with your worst enemy."

"But I love Theseus."

"No, no, no. That's what you've been fooled into believing. Let me tell you, Sarah, every kiss tastes good. But that's not what makes a relationship a love affair."

"What does then?" I asked, confused by what Balthazar was telling me, feeling it in my heart to be wrong but unable to contradict those deep black eyes which bore into my soul.

"You'd only know if you found the right guy," he said, and there was a mysterious smile in his eyes as his gaze returned to the road. I shivered inside.


Outside his house, Balthazar parked and climbed out of the car first so he could open my door for me. He bowed as he did so, making me laugh. He led me inside, where it was gloriously warm in contrast to the miserable weather that seemed to be affecting his town as well as mine.

"D'you want hot chocolate?" he asked as I sat down on his sofa.

I looked at him, at his gorgeous hair and striking facial features (especially those black, chasm-like eyes), and felt a falling sensation. Where was I again?

"No," I murmured.

Balthazar grinned, seeing the look in my eyes as I fell under his spell.

He approached me and I stood up - but I don't remember actually having decided to rise to my feet.

Balthazar walked closer and closer, and my heart began to pound violently in my chest.

He gazed deep into my eyes as he finally stopped and as I leant up, almost in pain from my longing to kiss him, he murmured "I think I'll make you some anyway."

With that, he turned, smiling to himself as I almost ran after him and leapt into his arms.

In fact, I wanted so badly to feel his lips upon mine that I did take a step forwards.

"Sit down and wait," Balthazar's teasing, torturous voice said.

But I would do anything for that voice. The voice which belonged to that face...

I was almost bouncing up and down in anticipation as I awaited this beverage I really didn't want. Balthazar seemed to be deliberately taking a long time, making my heart ache and ache more for his return. I dimly realised he had me eating out of his hand but I didn't care. Maybe that's what I was meant to do. Perhaps this was the feeling that I'd had with no other guy which meant I truly loved Balthazar.

He walked in and placed the hot chocolate on a coffee table which wasn't anywhere remotely near me, confirming my suspicion that he wanted me to long for him more and more.

I was agitated as he walked to the other end of the room and turned on a radio to some classical piece of emotion conveying some wild emotion which accentuated my own wild emotions as Balthazar turned back and smiled at me.

"So, is there anything else you want to talk about, baby?"

The End

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