Aurora: Embrace

"....Sarah loves Jamie, more than me. She may not choose to but.... she does and I don't think I can do anything to make her love for me stronger then that....ever. Even though she sticks with me it still pains me to know that her and Jamie...." his voice breaks, more tears threatening to spill over.

Instinctively, I hugged him, taking him into my embrace. At first, he stiffened, sort of pausing, uncertain. I flushed, wondering if for a moment if I had done the improper thing. He then relaxed into it, returning the embrace and resting his face on my neck. A stray tear dribbled on to my skin; I attempting to swallow back a shiver. Heat washed over my face, and I feared that I was going weak at the knees.

He pulled away slightly, looking into my face. "What do you think I should do, Aurora....?" Theseus paused. " alright?"

I nodded briskly, trying not to look into his eyes.  " should give Sarah a break....let her straighten out her thoughts. She may have her order by then. You are always a little....," Overwhelming, spectacular, wonderful, awestriking. I halted, biting my lip. "It's hard to....,"  Think around you. Whoops.

Theseus frowned, "What?"  He stepped closer, looking down on me. My heart was racing, thudding wildly in my head; I wondered if he could hear.  My cheeks, the tips of my ears were burning; I hoped he couldn't see, I hoped they weren't bright red but I knew they were. "It's hard to what?"

"Theseus, I....," I breathed, feeling like I had run a million miles. My head was spinning, high up in the clouds. 

I couldn't help myself. I looked straight into his eyes, his beautiful eyes which I had for so long wanted to loose myself in, and tumbled into darkness.

I blacked out. How ridiculous.  

The End

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