Balthazar - Heartbreak

The first thing I hear from Sarah is a phone call around lunchtime. I had expected her to get in touch, but this is beyond my expectations... I musta created more of an impression than I thought.

'Hey, Sarah,' I say casually, recognising her number. 'What's up?'

'I... I'm just so confused!'

It sounds like she's crying. That seems funny to me. Why anyone would cry... Does it help? No. Does it make you feel better? No. So why do it?

'Aw, honey, what's going on? That boy giving you trouble again?'

For some reason, this just makes her cry harder. Man, I'm gonna get a wet ear at this rate.

'It... My... My boyfriend... !'

She's got a boyfriend. Aw, man. Bad choice, Balthazar. Shoud've left it alone.

'I think he's dumped me... He doesn't... I've made everyone so upset!'

Thank you, God! You do have a sense of humour after all!

'Sweetie, don't you go blaming yourself. You've done absolutely nothing wrong.'

'No! You don't understand!'

'Hey, look, why don't I come and see you? We can talk this over. Okay?'

'I... I can't. I've got school...'

'Come on, honey. Let's get this all sorted out. You'll feel much better for it, I promise.'



We decided to meet up at my house. I grabbed my car keys and she directed me to her school. I'm trying to make her out through the rain that just started up when she car door beside me whacks open and there she is, wet and tearful.

'Baby, let's get outta here.'

She nods wetly and sits down on my expensive leather seat. Ouch. I hope the water doesn't stain.

'Now, you tell me exactly what's happened.'

The End

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