Theseus: Pain

For a few minutes I just stood. Frozen by the sight I had just seen. I actually wasnt expecting him to kiss her. I thought they would of just talked.... but what was causing my heart to begin to snap was the fact she'd kissed back.
I could of dealt with this if it had happened after I had known her a while. If it had happened at a time I knew she wasnt staying with me out of her own desire and to not break my heart.

I didn't realise I had began to walk away. I didn't hear Sarah's voice calling my name till she grabbed my arm causing my body to turn and face her. I looked at her with dead eyes. I knew I couldn't blame her.... I knew I shouldn't but to know that she had done that cause it was from true emotion was painful.

The fact that the bond between her and Jamie, like he had said, was so profound that for one split second I had watched her kiss with no hesitation. None... not even a split of it.
All of the softness of her kiss to Jamie had only held pure love and care. A bond that would last.... cause it had grown over time.

"Theseus, answer me please" Sarah's crying voice brought me out of my thoughts and I saw the tears continue there travels down her cheeks. I brought my fingers up and brushed them away caressing her cheek in the proccess. But then I had to look away cause those movements caused me pain.

"I'm sorry, Sarah... I just.... I just..." Her face turned into one of pain and I found my hands clenching into fist at my sides. "I just can't be with you  right now" I mutter. I stride out Sarah running after me. She was calling but I could hear no words.

When I got outside I ran racing to a secluded part of the building and letting my wings burst out, riping my jacket and shirt of my back in the rush. I jumped into the sky and flew away not looking back even though I could almost feel Sarah's pain filled eyes gazing at me tear-filled. I headed straight to the apartment roof. I sat on the ledge and cried....


"Theseus?!?" The voice was shocked and concerned. I looked up to watch Aurora land right next to me. Her face was shocked, probably from the tear stains on my cheeks. I had never cried before anyone so had gained a reputation for being strong and brave yet caring. Suddenly Aurora's cheeks flushed as they traveled to my chest and I relised how I had ripped of my jacket and shirt in a hurry.

I sighed rising to my feet. I pushed a hand through my hair when I stood up and shook out my wings before pressing them up to my back. "Shocked to see me crying... I'm not as strong as people say" I whisper looking down.

"What happened?" She says walking up to me and putting a hand on my shoulder. I see nervousness in her eyes and wonder why.

"Sarah loves Jamie, more than me. She may not choose to but.... she does and I don't think I can do anything to make her love for me stronger then that.. ever. Even though she sticks with me it still pains me to know that her and Jamie.." My voice breaks and I hiss in a breath to stop tears from spilling.

Suddenly Aurora is hugging me. I freeze for a second. Why does this feel.... strange? I mean she is my sisters friend so a hug should be welcoming but just receiving a hug doesnt seem.... right.
So thats how I find my arms round her waist resting my forehead against her neck. So close that I can feel her pulse. What am I doing.....

The End

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