Theseus: Spanish

"So can you speak Spanish?" Sarah says as we head through the halls, people buzzing here and there.

"Por supuesto que puede mi querido amor" I whisper into her ear. She looks at me and blushes. "Translation, of course I can my darling love" I then lean down and let myself have a small quick kiss, a simple brush of my lips across hers. She blushes and pulls back taking my hand. She reheads in the direction of our first class and pulling me behind her.

At one point we pass Jamie and I watch the pain flicker across his face when Sarah walks straight past him. I frown as I pass looking at Sarah who stops after we turn the corner. Her breathing is heavy and I turn her round. She looks like she's about to break down. I pull her into my arms and stroke her hair softly. "Oh, Sarah.... Why are you hurting yourself and him?" I whisper continueing to stroke her hair.

I pull back to look at her face and its that moment I know. If I hadn't come... If I had continued to watch her she'd right now be happy. Content with Jamie and not needing anyone else. "You loved him... No, you do love him" I step back and let my head drop so I'm looking at the floor. "Thats why you are so hurt... your ignoring him cause you love him. You don't want to hurt him from loving me"

"Theseus..." She whispers. I look up....

The End

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