Amelia: Jamie

Jamie cried. He cried like he'd been wanting to for so long, but had just kept it inside of him to build up and take his mood to a permanent low. 

The sort of thing I would've done if it had been me in his position. I could be happy, hyper, angry, depressed, but I didn't like crying and so I never let myself. 

I guess I dumped it all on him a bit too hard. I mean, he was Sarah's best friend and he loved her. Of coarse he wasn't going to be too happy meeting the best friend of Sarah's boyfriend. The thing was, though, I wasn't on anyone's side. I wasn't a side taker. I was on a lifelong mission to make people happy, even if that meant that they had to be sad first. And who knows? Jamie's family could've been worse than mine! 

"Right then" I said after a while. "Let's go outside"

"Why?" Jamie asked, wiping his eyes.

"Because we can" I smiled. He shrugged and followed me into the yard.

While he was talking to me about something that happened at the weekend, I spotted Theseus talking to Sarah. I caught his eye, grinned, and mouthed 'space' while moving my hands away from each other. Theseus rolled his eyes at me and I purposely led me and Jamie around a corner so that Jamie wouldn't see them. 

I then realised just which corner I'd led us around. 

"Ah, damn it! Run!" I exclaimed as three guys almost crashed into us on bikes. We ran back towards the entrance to the school and then leant against the wall to get our breaths back. "I think we're safe now"

"Amelia, I don't think we are" Jamie pointed upwards and I looked to see that we'd stopped directly under the bell.

"Oh, happy days" I said sarcastically, wincing as it rang loudly in our ears.

The End

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