Amelia: Soap Opera

"Ouch. Painful" I muttered, after Theseus told me about Sarah's dad. 

I thought my dad was bad.
But in truth he was probably dying for me to get a boyfriend so he could forever be keeping tabs on me. 

"And you say that, not being the one in the situation" he sighed. 

Theseus had been looking pretty depressed after school, so I'd got him to tell me what was up. Or more appropriately, why he was feeling down.

I'd been watching the whole thing from afar (meaning from a table in the canteen, my classroom, and wherever I happened to be when I was in seeing-and/or-hearing distance). 
So I'd seen how Theseus craved to be around Sarah whenever he was away from her.  
I'd seen how awkward it was for Jamie and Sarah to even talk to each other properly now.
And I'd seen that Sarah was acting just slightly strange after that guy had flirted with her. 

It was all very confusing to me, as I'd never been in a relationship with anyone ever. On the other hand, it was a bit like a soap opera.

I told Theseus that, and he smiled.

"Yeah, 'cept this is real life, isn't it?"

"I suppose. What I think is that Sarah should get some space. I mean, from what I've seen she has three guys after h-"


Oops. "Tell you later. Anyway, so maybe she should be given some space to breathe. Y'know, think things through, make decisions."

"And how do you suppose that will happen?" Theseus raised an eyebrow at me.

"Um, well, unfortunately I haven't really thought it through. How about I make friends with Jamie?" 

Theseus looked like he was thinking about it, before telling me that I could decide whether to do that or not. Well, I thought it was a good idea. But then, I normally do.

The End

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