Sarah: Three Guys in One Day

So Theseus was going to risk things because he couldn't bear to be without me.

Well, I couldn't deny I was flattered and secretly glad that he was doing so.

On the day following Theseus's appearance outside the lunch hall, he met me in the morning, as promised, and took me round to a corner of my tutor building where there was no CCTV and proceeded to kiss me: gently at first, but then more playfully, seeming to relax around me. At one point, he held my hands behind my back so I couldn't hold him which was absolute torture.

When the bell rang to signal I should be going into my tutor room, I sighed resignedly.

"Do you want to come to my apartment?" Theseus asked, grining.

"Yes, I want to, but no, I can't because my dad would definitely find out what we've been up to then."

Theseus rolled his eyes. "Adults don't understand anything."

"To be fair, it did look pretty bad," I said.

"Are you siding with him?" Theseus asked, looking amused.

"No, I'm just saying that if I ever had kids, I would want to know they were safe too."

"There's being protective and then there's being just plain ridiculous."

I frowned. "Well, that's the thing, really. He wasn't being ridiculous. Two days ago, you were a complete stranger to me and that night we were alone in my bedroom kissing in the dark."

Theseus shook his head in wonder. "Well, if you think that makes sense, that's your opinion. I'll see you at lunch."

He kissed me once more quite swiftly, leaving me in a daze as I walked into my tutor group.


At break time, I was hanging around with a few girls who I didn't really like, trying to find some excuse not to talk to Jamie. He knew about Theseus this morning and had worked out that my dad didn't want me to see him. At this minute, he was trying to get my attention. I didn't listen to him: a) because I didn't want one of his lectures and b) because I didn't want to feel bad.

It was a great surprise when a complete stranger approached the group and said "Hey, honey."

Who did he mean? The girls around me laughed. They were the sort that would go in for a relationship because the guy was hot and nothing else.

He was startlingly striking, this mysterious charmer. Tall, strong-looking, gorgeous hair, lovely skin colour and great face. I found myself spinning as I looked into his black eyes and fell through midnight depths. He was someone you might expect to find in the shadows on a dark night where the stars were obscured by deep violet clouds and who could sweep you off your feet with a look.

I looked down, blushing at my thoughts. Jamie appears to have frozen behind me.

 "Whatcha looking at?" one of the girls asks, but they all just start giggling again.

"Sarah, isn't it?" Did he just say my name? I looked up, bewildered, and was instantly re-caught by his eyes.

He gave me a smile that sent my heart into somersaults.

I found myself, smiling tentatively back as if hypnotised into copying him.

The guy gestured to Jamie  and asked "Is he annoying you?"

Heat rose to my cheeks. I felt Jamie shift uncomfortably. 

"Oh, no, no," I replied, for the both of us. "Everything's fine, really."

He raised an eyebrow sceptically. "Whatever you say, honey. But you ever get yourself in trouble - you contact me, right?"

How charming. Against my will, I smiled timidly and replied "Okay. Thanks."

"Make that a promise, honey. I'll be your knight in shining armour, if you just ask me. Get lonely? Give me a call."


He smiled, shrugging dismissively. He turned to go.

"Hey - wait!" I found myself calling.

He turned slowly, making the movement a luxury to watch.

"I - I don't know your name," I told him.

He smiled broadly. He tossed his hair slightly and the bounce of the ebony curls was almost captivating.

"The name's Balthazar. I'll be seeing you."

I hope you will, I thought.

As he walked away, I couldn't help but stare after him, a sense of longing creeping into my heart. I wanted to be next to him, embraced by that dark aura and held by those strong dependable arms.


With a jolt, I came back to reality. Jamie looked petrified. "Who was that?" he asked.

When I had awoken from my daydream, I had remembered everything. Including Theseus.


Pushing him away, I said "Leave me alone."

I strode off to a lonely part of the school grounds and sat there until the next lesson, wondering what on earth had come over me.


After school, I was walking in the park. I hadn't said anything to Theseus at lunchtime and seriously hoped that he hadn't noticed I was holding him a lot tighter and kissing him a lot more strongly. I wasn't ready to tell him yet.

 Right now, what I needed was some alone time. Theseus had been surprised by my request for it but left me, shrugging and saying he'd see me the next morning.

I sat on a bank of grass beside a lock and nearly broke down.

But I had to keep strong. I could stand up to this guy ... this outrageously... amazingly gorgeous guy...

Oh damn.

I buried my head in my hands.

"Beautiful girls don't deserve to be upset," came the one voice I did not want to hear.

I looked up, wanting to tell him to go away, but as soon as our eyes locked, I was lost again.

Balthazar knelt before me and asked "You okay, honey?"

"Yeah," I replied stupidly.

The corner of his mouth twitched as if he found my dumbness amusing.

"You should've called," he said in a soft voice. His words were pure poison, dragging me deeper into my state of incoherent thought.

"Don't know your number," I mumbled.

"Oh, honey..."

He pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote down his number. He held it out to me. I took it and as I did, he reached for my hand and held it. He lowered his face and kissed it.

When he let go, he smiled and said "May distress never interrupt your process of perfect emotions, fair lady."

My heart pounded in my chest as he lightly caressed my cheek and I almost burst into tears when he stood up and announced that he had to go.

"Can't you stay?" I asked, almost imploring him.

He shook his head, his expression grave. "I have things to do."

I sighed heavily. "I'll see you round then," I said glumly.

"See you."

He turned and walked off. I watched his graceful stride and was filled with yet more longing. I almost stood up and ran after him. If he ever asked me to follow him, I would without a moment's hesitation.

He didn't know it, but he now had a piece of my heart tied to him with a piece of invisible rope and as he walked he dragged it along behind him.

He occupied my thoughts right until I arrived back at home. Eeven then, I didn't properly come back to myself until some time in the evening when I realised I hadn't done anything except sit around, as if Balthazar had stolen my motivation as well as a sizeable chunk of me.

When I remembered Theseus, my memories seemed dull in comparison to those involving Balthazar and I felt no shame in being attracted to the latter. 

What was he doing to me?

The End

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