Balthazar - Sarah

I've found her. She's the one all right.

She stands in a group of girls, but she looks slightly lost and alone. Some boy keeps trying to get her attention, but every time she tries to shrug him off without hurting him. It just hurts both of them. That kind of thing makes me laugh.

She's very beautiful. Her face is small and perfectly shaped, she's tall and slim, her skin pale white. She has long silvery blonde hair with an elusive green tint cascading over her shoulders.

I think it's time to come out.

Carelessly, I push myself away from my leaning post and saunter over to the group of chatting, giggling females.

'Hey, honey.'

They turn and look, mascara-rimmed eyes wide, pink lips bright against their skin. I hate their fake faces. But they sure can kiss.

'Whatcha looking at?' one of them asks, but they all just start giggling again.

'Sarah, isn't it?' She looks up, surprised. I give her one of my winning smiles, and she smiles tentatively back. I jerk my thumb at the boy she was talking to. 'Is he annoying you?'

They both blush. 'Oh, no, no. Everything's fine, really.'

I raise an eyebrow. 'Whatever you say, honey. But you ever get yourself in trouble - you contact me, right?'

She smiles shyly. 'Okay. Thanks.'

'Make that a promise, honey. I'll be your knight in shining armour, if you just ask me. Get lonely? Give me a call.'


I smile and shrug, turn as if to go.

'Hey - wait!'

I've got her now. Slowly, I turn.

'I don't know your name.'

A wide smile. A toss of the hair might be slightly overdoing it, but hey. I can't be perfect all the time.

'The name's Balthazar. I'll be seeing you.'

I grin to myself as I walk away. I can just imagine her face. She's watching me - I can feel her eyes on my back. The eyes of all the girls, in fact, but I'm just interested in her. I'm a hunter, stalking my prey. And by tomorrow, she'll have fallen into my trap. She'll be right where I want her.

And then...

I grin even wider as I think about it. Oh, yes. She's the one all right.

The End

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