Theseus: School?

Okay, so maybe I overdid it. But even with her father not wanting me near her.... I couldnt do it. She was like a drug to my heart... my soul and if I had to ignore her farthers demands and risk it to be close to her, I would. And I have.

Thats how I find myself tossing an apple up and down waiting for Sarah to come out for lunch. Then I see her. I catch the apple and stride over. "Hey, Honey" I whisper letting my arms rest round her waist. She jumps then smiles. But it seems slightly fake. I sigh heavily. "Stop worrying" I whisper stroking her cheek. "Your father won't know, Sarah. We wont get caught... promise"

Its then I lean in for a kiss just as her friend Jamie walks past. I pull back and watch as he seems to flinch then almost run quickly away. "Jamie.." Sarah whispers trying to go after him but I stop her taking her wrist lightly and pulling her back into my arms.

I keep my embrace gentle yet firm. "You can't fix this.... he maybe your friend but humans have to cool off. I thought you would know that after having lived among them" I whisper. "He'd take out is anger for me out on you... weather he meant to or not. If he did this do you really think he'd be okay later"
Sarah stayed silent her hand pressed against my chest in fist. Then she slowly rested her forehead there as well and sighed. The sigh was so heavy I even felt the tension released there.

"I know.... but I can't continue seeing him like this. And then my father last night... Why is my life all so troublesome right now?" She mutters.

"It feels like my fault" I chuckle. "All this happened when I made my apperance" Sarah looked up at me avoiding the pupils of my eyes and shook her head before leaning up and kissing me.


"I will leave you here" I say leaning down to kiss her cheek. "I will see you tommorow. And remember to be calm otherwise your father will not be fooled" I stroke her cheek then spin round and stride in the direction of the apartment.

Maybe I should go to Bliss..... No... I can't leave this land for a moment knowing Sarah is here.

The End

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