Aurora: Angel's Assistance

"And that is how I shall help you."

I felt an unusal conviction, a determination to help this Jamie Mackintosh. His misery, longing, pure sadness I could easily feel, could simply relate. It almost relieved my mind of the selfish desire for Theseus, which I began to find heavy on my shoulders--or rather, my mental state--and replaced it with a feeling of helping him above anything else, to bring him from his place of gloom to happiness.

There was something about him I found myself to very much like, to admire. Unlike Theseus, he was not perfect, unbelieveably good-looking as to make me want to blush and have my senses totally scattered by his presence. Unlike Theseus, you could look deep within his eyes (without passing out) and see his genuine, compelling emotion. As we almost seemed to hold one another in an embrace (despite just meeting and all), I felt his warm, friendly manner, his kind, gentle aura of sorts. At first contact, I had stiffened, unsure and unknowing as  I had never ever truly had such a gesture given to me by a guy. But I had relaxed, as I realized that his intentions were only good, and myself made the move to embrace him as his heart sank further when I told him that his love, his greatest friend had lied, had kept the secret of her angelic parentage.

I wished to help him more then anything, to get Sarah. I was unsure where to start, but I wanted to. We both had similar a similar agony, and, even if he did not know it, we would both help to heal it, to right what we both thought was wrong about our relationships with Theseus and Sarah, and the relationship of Theseus and Sarah itself.

"How?" he murmured, retracting slightly to gaze into my eyes. For a moment, I swore he was almost staring dumbfoundedly, but in a blink, he appeared normal once more.

"Well...." I stepped back slightly, straightening my clothes and averting my gaze from his. "Certainly, you must get to her when Theseus isn't around."

Jamie grunted, "Huh. Good luck--when we're not in class, he somehow appears at her side and starts..."  He shuddered as expression of brief disgust crossing his face."...kissing her."

I stiffened my own emotions rising with his words, yet I attempted to beat them back. "I'll get him away from her," I said. "In addition....her father....," an image flashed across my mind of him kissing Sarah in the darkness of her bedroom, then the entry of her father, searing with anger as he prohibited their meeting for a while....I found myself tearing up, my throat beginning to burn. Maybe....I shouldn't tell Jamie about that.

"A-are you alright?" Jamie stepped closer, putting a hand on my arm. I flushed slightly, his voice snapping me out of my vision....which unusually I rarely had...and attempted to quickly wipe my eyes and gather myself.

"Yes," I briskly replied, my voice slightly hoarse. No, not really. I wanted him to hug me again, to help me feel safe and protected from the wrath of my feelings....

"You sure? What's wrong?" he frowned.

"Nothing, nothing" I insisted, my voice steadier and regular. Though, my thoughts continued to run across that shadowed scene....I brushed it aside. I cleared my throat, and muttered, almost to myself, "Now, where are we to begin?"

 He half smiled, "Aren't you supposed to know?"

"I do not know everything, Jamie," I grinned slightly, still caught in my thoughts as I started to pace. Abruptly, I stopped and looked to him. " know what time it is?"

"Here," he held out his wrist to display his watch.

I gasped as my eyes ran across the time, "Oh, goodness! I really must be off before I get in trouble. Can you here tomorrow?"

"Sure," Jamie nodded.

I couldn't help smiling, "Alright." Unsure of how to leave him, I gave him a quick hug and fled in the opposite direction; as soon as I was out of his sight, I took off and arched toward the sky and Bliss.

No matter how this whole venture turned out, inside I felt I very much wanted to be his friend.


"Aurora Rose, is that you?"

"Yes, Grandmama," I said, tucking my flustered strands of hair behind my ears as I entered our home. She, of all people, would not like to hear of my ventures to Earth and my "meddlings" with humans.

"Where have you been?"

"With Elixia," came my quick reply as I came into the commonroom to meet her wise face, still beautiful, clean, only age showing in her eyes and expression. My words were of partial truth, perhaps?

"You are that girl's shadow, Aurora." she mildly smiled, though her eyes remained skeptical, as they always did, as if she suspected if I was always lying. "And how is her parents...?"

The End

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