Jamie: What's going on?

I met Sarah outside the building in which we both registered at a quarter to nine. She looked sad. ... Troubled. I was reminded of my fears that her boyfriend was violent and abusive.

And then her boyfriend turned up.

Rather than 'Speak of the devil', 'Think of the devil'.

Sarah looked surprised and anxious at the guy' appearance. Her anxiety concerned me until she asked "What are you doing here?"

I gathered that something had happened which meant they shouldn't see each other, rather than she was scared of him.

"Doing what I have every right to," he said, winking and kissing her.

I stared, shocked by his directness.

Sarah pulled back and murmured "This is so risky..."

Risky? Why?

But I wasn't able to ask as the extremely unwelcome guy shrugged and leant in to kiss her again. She didn't push him away again. I turned away, fuming.

The bell rang to inform us that it was ten to nine and I stormed inside, frustrated at Sarah for being so attractive yet so inconsiderate.

Thank goodness I didn't have the same tutor as her.

I had calmed down later but she didn't mention the pre-lesson incident.

We went into lunch together and I decided to forget my annoyance. Lunch was great ... except for the pangs of loneliness within my heart.

She left the dining hall a little earlier than me since I was caught up in a conversation with a teacher about a piece of homework.

When I walked out, what did I see?

Not a very welcome sight at all.

Sarah was kissing her boyfriend.

I walked off quickly, almost running to get away from the sight of them.

She didn't apologise. In fact, she avoided me for the rest of the day. How wonderful.

I didn't like her boyfriend, I decided. He had seemed far too direct this morning and had evidently given Sarah some sort of advice to keep away from me, which seemed to be dangerously close to possessive in my opinion.  


The afternoon was filled with painful daydreams of what Sarah and I could be doing, were she going out with me. I was now convinced that I would be a much better boyfriend for her than that stupidly tall, ridiculously handsome guy.

After school, instead of going home, I went to the park. There, I found a bench where I sat and buried my head in my hands, trying to clear my head and get some release from my emotions.

I was surprised when I heard someone call my name. 1) Because the voice was unfamiliar and 2) because they said my whole name, which no one ever called me unless I was in trouble.

I looked up and almost gasped aloud at the stunning girl standing before me.

She looked a little younger than me. Her build was slight and delicate, and her skin an extremely light colour, especially for this time of the year. Her paleness drew attention to her deep violet eyes which were framed my gorgeous golden lashes that matched her long, flowing hair. Her face was like that of a fairy's: beautiful and mystical.

"D-do... I know you?" I stammered.

She shook her head, and although the action was quick, it had an element of grace about it. The curtains of her hair swung from side to side in an almost hypnotic manner. I blinked a couple of times to come back to reality.

"Err, I am an Angel," she replied. "I am here to help."

"You're a what?" I asked, having missed the first words from staring so much. 'Get a grip,' I thought.

"An Angel."

"What do you mean?" The beautiful girl was weird?

"Believe me - I live in Bliss and have wings and am immortal."

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you drunk?"

She looked horrified. "No! That would be very improper."

Seeing her distress, I quickly apologised. "I'm sorry. It's just hard to believe you."

Her expression became sad and wistful. Strangely, her face was even lovelier when a picture of tragedy.

"Sadly, there is a lot of doubt in the world," she murmured.

I had a sudden desire to comfort her. Without knowing quite what I was doing, I stood up and hugged her.

Alarmed, she tensed, but seeing that I meant no harm, hugged me back.

"What's your name?" I murmured, finding myself stroking her back. Her skin was soft and smooth. For some reason, I wanted to maintain physical contact, as if I constantly needed confirmation that she was real.

"Aurora," she replied.

How exquisite... how befitting.

"And, what are you going to help me with, Aurora?"

Did my voice just become intense?

"Your strife," she mumbled. "Your problems with the seraph Sarah."

I stepped back, surprised and confused. "The seraph? I don't know any seraphs. What is a seraph?"

"The female child of a human and an angel." Aurora looked confused. "But I thought you were her best friend."

"My best friend's called Sarah - it's true - but she's never said anything about her being a seraph."

Aurora looked grave. "Then I'm afraid she has been lying to you."

"No..." I whispered. "She wouldn't. She knows she has to be open with me. She's my best friend." I stepped back again. "I don't believe you."

"I would not lie," Aurora murmured.

"I don't care. Then you're wrong. Sarah would not lie to me."

Gently, Aurora asked "Did she not hide from you the fact that she was courting a total stranger?"

"What do you mean?! Sarah wouldn't do that! She's intelligent. Leave me alone, whoever you are. I don't care if you're an angel or not. Go away!"

"I'm sorry," Aurora murmured. "I did not wish to upset you."

"Well, tough, you did. Go away."

"You need my help," she insisted.

"I don't want it - go away or ..."

"Or you'll what? You've always been the timid sort, Jamie. The gentle sort. You would never hurt anyone, even if they hurt you."

"How do you know that stuff about me?" I whispered, curious despite myself.

"We angels know a lot of things."

There was too much conviction in her tone for her to be lying.

I gulped. "And you're saying Sarah lied to me?"

Aurora nodded sadly.

"But ..."

Aurora approached me and this time it was her who embraced me.

After a few seconds, the fight in my mind became too much for me to bear alone and I hugged her back, tightly, grateful for her warm, solid figure in my arms.

"I love her," I whispered.

"And that is how I shall help you," Aurora told me.

The End

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