Aurora: Finding A Way

Morally, I disagreed with Elixia's plan. I didn't want to try to harm anyone, or step into anyone's business. To add to it, I didn't think I would have the courage to. It was simply against my nature.

But something about it appealed to my heart, which longed for a chance with Theseus, for him to at least consider me over her.

Elixia urged me that this plan wouldn't harn anyone. If executed properly, no one would be hurt, and everyone would be perfectly happy. I would actually fix things, instead of mess things up. Everything would be in proper order--like it was supposed to be, as it should be!--at least, that's what Elixia told me.

With her strong, insistent nature, and the current nature of my heart's current of emotions, I was almost forced to comply, though deep within me, I held the secret hope that it would work.

She left me with the line that she would "do some investigating" and would be right back. She left me feeling uneasy with her sly smile, playful expression, and determined eyes. What trouble would this cause--if it did happen to? The blame would fall on my shoulders.....what would happen to me if someone found out?


I looked to the name upon the paper as I flew:  Jamie Mackintosh. Supposedly, he loved this Sarah girl, they had been friends since forever, and he was head over heels for her. And deep down, Sarah was "supposedly" confused about her feeling for him. But she was with Theseus. And now Jamie was terribly miserable because of me.

Elixia told me that this would be so simple, easier than anything.  Just help Jamie along a little bit with Sarah, making her fall in love with him, break up with Theseus, and leave me to comfort and help him, thus giving me my "chance". It sounded bittersweet. Partially, I was scared, that I thought this was the wrong thing to do. But for my "chance", I almost felt I would do anything.

I landed, gathering up my courage. From my hiding spot in the bushes,  made my way down the path through the park where a young guy sat on a bench, head buried in his hands.   Swallowing past the lump in my throat, I stopped just before him.

"Jamie Mackintosh?" I inquired. He looked up, somewhat confused.

"Do...I know you?"

I shook my head quickly, shifting anxiously on my feet. "Err....I am an Angel. I am here to help."


The End

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