Theseus: Midnight

I tossed and turned on my bed. Constantly rolling from one side to another. The quilt was kicked to the end of the end and I was wearing nothing but tracksuit bottoms. I sighed and flopped onto my back before pushing a film up over my face. I was tired.... yet I could not sleep.

Sarah's face fills my mind talking up every space of it. I almost believe I can feel her hair in my fingers again, her lips pressed on mine, the lovely curve of her waist. I groan and push a hand back through my hair. "No!" I snap "I am not going to lie moping here"

I sit up and pull on a shirt then spread my wings out from my back. I make my way to Sarah's quickly and knock on the window. She didn't answer immediatly but after my third knock the curtains were pulled back. Sarah's eyes widen and she opens the window quickly. She moves back letting me come in.

"Why are you-" she doesn't get to finish. I pull her into my arms pressing my lips passionately on hers. She tenses then settles into it kissing me back passionately. The emotion behind it is sweet and pure. Her hairs as soft as my memory and her waist perfect with curves. Her lips are the sweetest though. Full and soft and moving with mine so easily.

I don't want to pull away so only pull back slightly for a breath. I don't know why I didn't notice the creaking of the stairs but I only no that when the door opened Sarah shot out of my arms so quick I was upset. "Dad" She was whispered.

The End

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