Theseus: Damn it

"Oh, s**t" I swear as Sarah falls unconcious. She falls back onto the bed and I want to lie back and pull her into my arms but something stops to me. I watch her peaceful face and reach out to stroke her cheek. Its soft and warm. I fell like I'm gonna have to wear sunglasses at this rate.

In fact not a bad idea. I move away from the bed and find a sleek pair of total black glasses. I can see through but no one can see my eyes. I continue to stroke Sarah's cheek. The feel of her lips a minute ago had felt like pure pleasure. Am immediat woosh of love and heat, passion and completeness.... is that even a word? I don't care it feels right.

I sigh waiting tills she wakes up. I eventually find myself lying her down beneath the covers and joining her ther resting her head on my chest and wrapping my arms around her. She stirs in her sleep wrapping her own around my waist. I smile and find one of my hands tracing the curve of her body at around hip area.

I quickly snap out of it and settle down ready for the long blissful wait I'm about to endure. I wish to kiss her but I will not take advantage of this situation. I will just ponder on my blissful memories of the feel of her lips. The passion held back behind them.

I dont even think she notice she held back... I won't even mention it. I mean she still must be feeling bad having to just run out on her friend after his confession of love.... I totally understand. Sarah is a beautiful person and not only by looks but by soul.

The End

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