Sarah: Kiss

"I'll always love you Sarah. I always have from the moment I saw you all those years ago."

His statement, so sincere and intense, was heart-rending.

I took his hand and pulled him back to the apartment. He looked at me questioningly but I said nothing, just smiling mysteriously.

Once inside his rooms, I began to kiss him. Gently first but then slowly more passionately.

The whole of my insides warmed and I felt safe and comfortable in Theseus's embrace.  He pulled us down onto his sofa and I snuggled into him as we continued to kiss.

I was filled with overwhelming joy, finding myself forgetting all about Jamie and indeed anything in my mind that didn't involve Theseus.

It felt gloriously like we were melting into one another, becoming an inseparable mix of Theseus-and-Sarah which would eventually set into something which was almost unbreakable.

I felt strong with Theseus's arms around me, like I was capable of anything and everything.

I felt tremendous. Slightly giddy as if I were soaring above mountains, but incredibly happy as if I had just done something fulfilling.

Everything was perfect and blissful...

I accidentally opened my eyes and saw Theseus' half open too. I fell into the pupils, into unconsciousness.

The End

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