Amelia: Human!

So I was watching Saw 5 when Theseus walked back in, hand in hand with Sarah. Theseus raised an eyebrow at me. 

"What? My house doesn't even have a TV. I couldn't resist your HD high-techiness" I grinned. He smiled and shook his head, picking up my phone.

"I guess this is why you put your phone on silent?" he asked, showing me eleven missed calls from Josh, nine from Dad and one from Mum. 


"You do know I'm gonna have to take you home, right?"


"'Cause if I don't the next time I see you it will be at your funeral" he sighed. Sarah looked confused. 

"Over-reactive family" I told her. "Maybe they'll forgive me 'cause I've done my homework"

"They won't" Theseus pointed out "And you know it"

"Ugh. Fiiiiiiiiiine. I'll wait outside for you to take me" I frowned, going onto the balcony. 

After a few minutes, Theseus came back out and took me home only just missing Josh's line of vision as he left. 

Josh had a HUGE rant at me about why I should never run off like that again. And then gave me his speech about why I shouldn't hang around with anyone who isn't human. He gave me that speech every time he didn't know where I'd been, so I practically had it memorised anyway.

"... and the world was made for humans to live on, not for any ridiculous creature to infest. Yes. I know" I said before he could, slamming the door in his face and locking it. 

RRGH! Why did he have to be so annoying!? I mean, I was born into a world that wasn't completely made up of humans. So was he. What was his problem!?!?!?!?

I opened my window as far as it would go, and leaned out as far as I could without falling. I noticed a girl on the level below me.

"Oh my gosh! You're human!" I accidentally yelled. She looked up. Well great, now I'd have to explain my outburst. "Sorry. It's just not very... common for humans to live... up here. They normally live down there somewhere" I pointed at the ground, 'cause that's how low Josh obviously thought we were. It was supposed to be sarcasm, but in my annoyance it didn't sound very sarcastic. I think the girl took it seriously. 

The End

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