Aurora: Elixia's Plan

 Finally I was able to gather myself up. I had managed to convince myself that he didn't deserve me or I didn't care if he didn't, that I was ridiculous for ever putting all my heart into him, that I really didn't love him, a certain anger at him and her....that I was able to stop crying at the moment and start to fly home, my heart heavy.  Though I knew half, if not all, my thoughts were false.

I took my time heading through the sky, lost in my own misery and the rise and fall of my emotions. I only wanted to hide in my bed and forget that this all happened--even wishing that I could forget about Theseus completely. But too I was aware that the face that had haunted both my dreams and daydreams, lurked in my fantasies, would not disappear so easily.

I was nearly to my destination when I faced one of the last people I wanted to see. As I saw her face, I felt something of a fury flair up--much of this was her fault. She encouraged me; she nearly told me that he loved me in return. Though I was too exhausted, too timid, to yell at her, to scream at her.

"So, how'd it goooo?" she gave me a sly grin, coming to my arm. She sensed my deflation of mood, my lowness of spirit. "What's the matter?"

"He loves someone else," I chanted blankly, as if my heart had left my body. It felt like I was dead. I half wished I was at the moment.

"What! Who?"

"Sarah," I cracked, tears flowing as I said her name, remembered her face, remembered the kiss. I hid my face in my hands, embarrassed. "He loves Sarah! Sarah the Seraph!" I bawled. I looked up from my hands, tears staining my cheeks once more. "He kissed her! I-I was standing right there. He loves her!"  I shook my head furiously, my voice hoarse and worn from all the crying I had done. "He loves her."

Elixia put her hand at my back, and guided my in her half embrace to a nearby bench. "No, that cannot be!"  she declared, pushing my hair back in a maternal fashion. "I cannot believe it."

"Go and see for yourself!" Tears continued to come as much as I was trying to will them to stop. "They're probably making out in his apartment and-and.....,"

"Ohh, hush, hush," cooed Elixia. She waited patiently, silent, until I had gone through my crying fit and finally stopped. She offered me a hankerchief to clean my face. "I am sure he doesn't really love her, Aurora.   You really must understand; men, on occasions, can be....,"

"No! He's perfect," I wiped my cheeks and rubbed my eyes.

Elixia leapt up suddenly. "I have it!" The unusal excitment in her voice made me pasue and look up to her. "I have a great plan--I am sure it will work and you absolutely must do it. Now listen......,"

The End

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