Theseus: Ouch

I felt like my heart hand been stabbed. "You.... Do you like him?" I choke out. She looks at me her eyes sad.

"Yes but... I wont leave you" She says reaching out to put a hand on my cheek. I avoid her touch getting to my feet and looking off across the room. I look back at Sarah.

"I need to think" I whisper then walk out of the room.

"Wait! Theseus!" She yells but I'm jumping out of the pulled back glass panel before she reaches me. I'll have five minutes before Amelia tells her I've headed for the roof. I land and sit on the ledge my legs hanging down. I lean forward and push a hand over my face.

Why must this happen now? The time I finally pluck up the corage to approach her and this happens. It ruined my hopes of this being the most romantic moment of my life.... or has it.


Sarah stepped out onto the roof. She ran across to me and pulled me from the edge up into her arms. "Why did you do that?" She sobs.

"I couldn't stay there knowing I'm not the only one your heart cares for" I whisper stroking her cheek. "But I understand now I never can.... but I'll always love you Sarah. I always have from the moment I saw you all those years ago"

The End

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