Theseus: Lights off

"Why you back here?" Amelia asks her head popping out from the kitchen doorway as I walk back into my apartment. I sigh, shrugging off my coat.

"Sarah had to go to her friends house. It had already been arranged before today" I mutter slumping into a chair. It had begun raining a few seconds after I had got out of my car and my hair was wet. I shook it water splattering out but I didn't care. Amelia hummed, unable to say more from a chocolate covered spoon she had in her mouth, and stepped into the living room.

She sat down on the sofa and kicked her feet up so her legs went the entire length of the two seat. "Well, that sucks since you've waited so long" Amelia says. She licks the back of the spoon then stands up. I watch as she goes back into the kitchen. I look at the floor but then my inquisitive side get the better of me and I stand up following her into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" I ask watching as she puts the chocolate into a squirt then begins putting small dots of chocolate on the tray.

"Making chocolate chip cookies with homemade chocolate chips. You have everything in your kitchen so I thought I'd give it a go" Amelia says looking back over at me and smiling. "You can have one if I feel kind enough"

"I will be having one, shorty. My kitchen and supplys so half of them are mine" I say. Amelia sticks out her tongue and I laugh retreating to the living room. I go over and lean agains the glass wall looking up at the sky. I have the need to fly. To bring back my wings and burst into flight. The needs so painful I almost do it.

Then I remember Sarah... lovely, innocent, human loving Sarah. The Seraph who captured my heart so instantly. Who has a grip on me so tight that it would kill me to lose her. And she doesn't know it.....

I sigh heavily and sit down flicking open a book. One way to get the hours to pass by and maybe I'll get a cookie before I go.


I knock on the window having to balance on the thin branch close but also quite far from it. My wings support most my wait occasionally flapping to keep me stable. Its half six.

Suddenly the curtains and the window slides up and open to reveal a tear stained face. "Sarah.." I whisper pain choking my voice.

The End

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