Aurora: Struck Through The Heart

There were hardly words to describe my emotions as I watched him bend to her and run his lips over hers, then his hands over her. "Geez, get a room," muttered Amelia, but they didn't seem to hear.

I was shocked, all I could do was stare and gape. Pain, a certain agony, reverberated through my entire being, continued to shake me. Something of a fury erupted inside, bubbling hot like lava. My eyes remained on them until I couldn't take it anymore.

I forgot what I said to Amelia but I turned and left. I went the way I came, tossing open the glass doors and flying out. My chest hurt, my heart hurt, as if someone had stabbed me through, and my hands were trembling. My eyes watered as if they were to spill over and flood the entire Earth.

I couldn't fly any longer. Landing, I walked with something of a determination for a while. I would never see Theseus again. I would will myself to never see him again. But with every step, I felt like I was crumbling and I fell to the pavement, my back to the closest wall. I pulled my legs to my chest and hide my face in the embrace of my arms. My body shook as I tried to hold back sobs, silent tears already tracing down my cheeks.

Wiping the tears away with something of anger, I looked to the damp streaks on my fingers through the wet veil which mussed my vision. Why was I so upset? Theseus had never looked at me, he never thought of me, he never cared.  What should I have expected?

Deep down, I had held a secret hope that he would love me someday, that he would look at me other as someone other than just an insignificant friend of his annoying little sister. He probably thought I was as irritating as her.

I could only come back to think about the tenderness, the affection in which he kissed her, in how he caressed her. It was like someone had torn out my own little personal fantasies, my whimsies, my dreams, and have given it to her. Who was she? Why was she so special?

I hid my face again and wept. He would never love me. Never.

The End

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