Theseus: Deep Pain

When my lips touched hers something crack inside of me allowing billions and billions of pleasurable feelings to travel through out me body. It made even my finger tips tingle on where they now rested on her waist. I was slightly crouched from how Sarah had made me kneel to stroke my face.

I let my lips press harder on hers and stood straighter just my head and neck bending down to kiss her. My hands held firm on her hips almost lifting her up to me as she reached up on her tip toes. Suddenly it stopped. I opened my eyes to see hers already open, wide and inqusitive like a little child.

I let on of my hands rub her hip bone and she shived. Then suddenly a shocked light came to her eyes. "I'm meant to be at school" She squeeked. She began to step away causing my arms to ache to hold her again. She grabbed her bag from where it had been dumped by the sofa and returned herself into my arms.

When she was away I had the time to notice Aurora had gone and Amelia was sitting in a chair reading a book. She peeked over it at me and winked. At that I shook my head and looked at Sarah. "Do you have to go?" I whisper allowing my fingers to caress her face softly.

She nods her eyes holding sadness. "I can't just miss school... besides I need to see my friend, Jamie" She mutter looking down. Ah!.... Jamie, the boy I always see her with praying, till I discovered from Amelia, that it wasnt her boyfriend.

"Okay... Since you insist. I'm going to delay it by taking you the human way" I say reaching past her and grabbing some keys from the bowl next to the door. I hear Amelia giggle and Sarah looks over at her. I look as well my expression clearly putting to her I dont want the surprise ruined.

"Come on... lets go" I say taking Sarah's hand holding it gently and rubbing the back of her palm. Hopefully she'll like my car.....

The End

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