Sarah: Attracted?

"A-a-attracted?" I stammered.

Theseus looked me straight in the eye, but in a way that didn't make me faint and whispered "Does that make you uncomfortable?" His voice was strangely captivating: his tone drew me in. He delicately caressed my cheek and I shivered involuntarily.

"N-no," I whispered back, but it wasn't me controlling my voice. It was a deep part of me that still lay semi-dormant in my subconscious. A part of me that seemed to want Theseus to continue.

"I can continue," Theseus murmured, continuing to stroke my skin. He must be a very gifted archangel to be psychic. "Or I can stop," he said, shrugging. His hand stopped moving but lingered against my cheek. Somehow, him telling me that he could stop was a reason for him not to stop. Or maybe these were just the confused thoughts of a lovestruck seraph.

"Continue," I murmured, and again, it wasn't me who spoke. It was as if I had somehow been entranced by those magical eyes and pleasant voice without noticing it.

The motion started again, rhythmic and soothing. I relaxed into the touch and found myself pulling Theseus to his knees so I could stroke his face. He smiled at me.

"So you like me?" I asked stupidly in my confused state of mind.

Theseus nodded, his smile broadening.

I smiled back in a very silly manner but Theseus didn't seem to mind.

He leant in and gently kissed me on the lips.

The End

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