Theseus: Big Mouth

I sigh heavily seeing the reaction both.... Wait a second? Both?!? I focus more on Aurora who quickly masks over the hurt expression with confusion. I shake my head and look at Sarah who looks a bit hurt and out of place. "Big Mouth" I mutter to Amelia hitting her lightly over the head.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself. The atmosphere just worked. You didn't tell me someone else besides Sarah had come over" Amelia says shruging.

"Oh, thats Aurora. My sister's friend, she only just came over when you texted me" I say gesturing to her. She smiles slightly and waves. "This is Sarah" I step over to her and stand next to her resting my hand on her back gently. Amelia smiles at her and offers her hand for a shake.

"It's nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Amelia. You know he's been dying to talk to you for ages now" Amelia says. Sarah looks almost flatter and looks up at me before taking Amelia's hand in a firm shake.

"I didn't know that but thanks for telling me" Sarah says. My eyes look at Aurora whose shifting slightly. I frown at how her eyes quickly look at my hand on Sarah's back who hasn't seemed to mind about it.

"So Aurora, you're Elixia's friend.... I'd like to know more about angels if you could tell me" Amelia says distracting her and winking at me before leaving me and Sarah alone standing together. Sarah blushes again having noticed the wink and looks up at me.

"You've been watching me?" She says raising an eyebrow.

"Not in a perve sort of way. Just to get to know you.... My father isn't very happy I've seemed to be attracted to a seraph that lives on earth" I say with a shrug. Her eyes widen at my words and she swallows nervously.

"A-a-attracted?" She stutters. I look her directly in the eye making sure her gaze doesn't pin point on the pupil of my eyes.

"Does that make you uncomfortable?" I whisper and reach up to stroke her cheek feeling her shiver beneath my touch.

The End

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