Amelia: Ill

I heard a quiet tap on my window as I sat grumpily on my bed, yet again trying to do my homework in peace.

I walked over and lifted it up, and in flew Theseus. 

"Sooo... where's the CD, shorty?" he grinned.

"You and I both know that I have no idea where the damn CD is" I smiled. 

"Yeah, but you did let Evan eat the chocolate"

"Well, yeah, but that's different. I wanted him to go away" I frowned. 

"And you have what against him?" Theseus asked. He always got me to think about stuff like that. I'd kinda gotten used to it, though, and I didn't really mind.

"Not much..." I muttered. "But what does Josh have against me? I haven't even done anything to him. I barely even talk to him!"

"Maybe that's what he has against you? I wouldn't particularly like someone if they avoided talking to me" he suggested. 

"Yeah, but no-one avoids talking to you" I sighed. "Anyway, what did I drag you from this time with my absurdities?"

"I was talking to Sarah" Theseus told me casually, picking up my homework. "These questions are easy"

"Ooh! Sarah" I sang. "And why don't you just tell me the answers?"

"Yes, Sarah. Plus, it's your homework. I thought you were supposed to be at school"

"I am. I'm... ill" I grinned, coughing dramatically. "See?"

"You're n-" Theseus started, but then a door somewhere in my house slammed. Knowing my luck, the person who slammed it was headed for my room, but I never got to find out, 'cause "Actually, you are very very very ill. So ill, in fact, that you should take refuge at my house till you're better" Theseus grabbed my arm and dragged me to the window. This often happened, we lived half our lives at each others' houses. 

"Wait, but I can't-"

"We've been through this so many times, shorty. You should already know that I can" he grinned, and jumped from the window.

When we got there, I noticed that there were two other girls at his house. I knew one must be Sarah, but I didn't recognise the other one. And, due to my mischievous nature, I accidentally let "So... how many girls do you normally have at your house?" slip from my mouth.


The End

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