Jamie: Where could she be?

Where on earth had Sarah gotten to? I had been forced to stop waiting for her and go into registration without her because she was so late. What could have happened to her?

I was half worried that she was ill with some bug or had hurt herself, but I was also half annoyed because I had bought her a present she'd especially love to alleviate the boringness of the typical school day on her birthday. I had been looking forward to her reaction all last night and now she wasn't here. How disappointing.

And okay, yes, I was also annoyed at her because I had a tiny crush on her. How tiny? Well, that doesn't matter. No, I'm not being evasive, I'm ... oh, look over there. There. Can you see? Is that a dragonfly? You try and get closer: animals are usually afraid of me.

Back to the present. Sarah was never late. And she was very rarely ill. Plus there was the fact that she always told me everything. So I wasn't overreacting when I was worried about her not coming into school.

The bell rang for the first lesson. I headed off to History, feeling stressed and anxious, the weight of her present a heavy burden (like a bad omen) weighing down my satchel. Or maybe I was just slightly overimaginative. But I still didn't like this. Where could she be?

The End

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